Judging Panel

An independent panel of recognised and expert judges, drawn from academia, business and broader related sectors will determine the winners of the Aviation Industry Awards UK.

We understand the importance of a fair and objective judging process. That's why we assemble a prestigious panel of industry leaders, renowned for their extensive knowledge, enthusiasm, and expertise in the aviation industry.

Our selection process is meticulous. Judges are bound by strict confidentiality agreements and declare any potential conflicts of interest. Entries with conflicts are reassigned, ensuring complete impartiality.

A comprehensive judging process has been developed to decide the winners of the Aviation Industry Awards UK.

This unwavering commitment to integrity is the foundation of our awards programme. Become a part of recognising industry excellence. If you're interested in joining the judging panel, email your details to judges@businessriver.com

2024 Judging Panel

Justin Tooth

Managing Director, Certo Aerospace Ltd

Justin has been Managing Director of Certo Aerospace for six years and has overseen a change in the main thrust of the business so that Certo is now flight testing a unique and novel uncrewed coaxial helicopter called CAPTONE UAV which can lift up to 300 kilograms of payload. VIEW MORE